2019 New Holland Agriculture Heavy-Duty Wheel Rakes H5980

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New Holland Agriculture
Heavy-Duty Wheel Rakes H5980



  • Bigger and Better Windrows, Faster Than Ever: The H5980 heavy-duty wheel rake keeps pace with even the highest volume hay growers. Superior design and construction, including offset wheels, hydraulic windrow width adjustment and patented mechanical rake beams, make short work of broad flatland raking, and let you get the best windrows out of every crop.
H5980 Features
  • Don't Sacrifice Quality For Quantity: The H5980 responds to changing field and crop conditions to create large, fluffy, premium windrows. An offset wheel design, hydraulic width adjustment and automatic wheel alignment boost efficiency. The patented mechanical rake beam adjustment lets you create the exact windrow density your conditions require.
  • Offset Wheel Design: An offset wheel design places eight 60-inch raking wheels on the left side and nine on the right, allowing 30-foot raking widths without the need for a center kicker wheel. So you get uniform dry down while traveling at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.
  • Hydraulic Width Adjustment: A simple hydraulic adjustment lets you change the windrow width from your seat. This convenient feature cuts hassle and downtime and produces a finished windrow as wide as 72 inches.
  • Automatic Wheel Alignment: Rake wheel supports feature an integrated gusset and over-center stop to keep wheels automatically aligned, so you never have to leave the tractor for repositioning.
  • Exclusive Density Adjustments: A patented mechanical rake beam can be adjusted by up to 10 degrees to match windrow density to crop conditions. Increasing the rake arm angle creates fluffier windrows for faster dry down. During dry or windy conditions, reducing the angle results in tighter windrows for moisture retention and wind protection.
  • Uniform Ground Pressure: Instead of correcting wheel pressure individually, gang adjustment easily regulates each rake beam. Not only do you save time, the uniform method also provides optimum raking action, reduces tine wear and promotes greater tractor fuel efficiency.
  • Custom Flotation: Compression dampening spring assemblies provide flotation for each individual rake wheel. You'll notice the smoother operation when working on hilly or bumpy ground.
  • Smooth Traveling: The offset walking tandem wheels/tires on each side allow the H5980 to follow ground contours and maintain consistent tine height. The result is smooth, even raking, even when traveling over wheel tracks and irrigation borders.
  • Durability: The H5980 is built to last with these durable features: • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings ensure long life of rake wheel bearings • Anti-wrap hay guards keep crop from entangling in bearings • Supports rotate on oil-impregnated bronze bushings for added endurance.
  • Frame/raking wheel beam pitch: Ratchet jack at rear of center tongue
  • Raking wheel angle from vertical: Beam pitch adjustment from 0 to 10 degrees outboard at top w/stop bolts
  • Raking wheel ground pressure: Individual at each wheel and gang adjustment at the rear of each lifting pipe
  • Transport locks: Mechanical locks of rake beam angle and wheel raise/lower
  • Tractor-mounted control box: - Electro-hydraulic control of individual LH/RH wing angle- Electro-hydraulic control of individual LH/RH frame width- Electro-hydraulic control of individual LH/RH or combined wheel raise lower
  • Transport width, ft. in. (m): 12' 3" (3.7)
  • Transport length, ft. in. (m): 28' 3" (8.6)
  • Overall height, in. (mm): 90 (2286)
  • Maximum raking width, ft. in. (m): 30' 3" (9.2)
  • Maximum windrow width, in. (mm): 72 (1829)
  • Hitch jack: Standard
  • Safety chains: Standard
  • Adjustable clevis hitch: Standard
  • Brake/turn/tail lights w/black box control: Standard
  • Work light: Standard
  • SMV Emblem: Standard
  • Ball Hitch: Optional
Frame Components
  • Design, in. (mm): 4 x 6 (102 x 152) telescoping horizontal members; inside 5 x 7 (127 x 178) fixed center members; 5 x 5 (127 x 127) vertical members; 3 x 5 (76 x 127) raking wheel beams
  • Transport axles: Offset walking beam
  • Transport tires: Four 9.5L x 15 SL implement tread
  • Maximum transport speed, mph (k/h): 20 (32)
Raking Components
  • Number of raking wheels: 17 raking wheels with standard UV resistant wind panels
  • Wheel diameter, in. (mm): 60 (1524)
  • Raking teeth per wheel: 36 rubber-mounted teeth in sets of 2
  • Raking wheel support: Tapered roller bearings
Tractor Requirements
  • Hydraulic remotes required: 1 (detent function recommended)
  • Minimum pressure requirement, psi (bar): 2000 (138)
  • Minimum recommended tractor hp (kW): 65 (49)
  • Standard 7-pin outlet: Required
Weight, Lbs. (Kg)
  • Shipping: 5960 (2703)
  • Operating: 5700 (2586)



Working Width
30 ft. 3 in. (9.2 m)
Recommended HP
65 hp (49 kW)