2019 New Holland Agriculture DuraVee™ 1833

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New Holland Agriculture
DuraVee™ 1833



  • The Fast Way To Move More Hay: New Holland DuraVee™ trailing wheel rakes are the right choice for high-capacity haymakers looking for a fast way to move more hay. Offered in seven models with raking widths from 17' 5" to 36', these rakes are perfect for many different sizes of haymaking operations. Simple adjustments mean you rake all of your crop and head down the road quickly when you're finished. Strengthened components, like thick frames and heavy-gauge steel tubing for wheel supports, enhance durability so DuraVee rakes withstand high-speed operation in varying field conditions.
Choice and Option Features
  • Tailor A DuraVee™ Rake To Your Needs: You have your choice of features and options to match a DuraVee rake to your operational needs.
  • A Smart Support System: Numerous support wheel options are available to tailor a DuraVee to meet your needs. A third castering wheel (shown) can be installed on DuraVee 1225 models to improve raking performance in rough fields. Rear walking tandem axles can also be equipped on 12-wheel and larger rakes to significantly improve flotation and trailing ability, especially when paired with the articulating frame that's found on DuraVee 1833 and 2036 rakes.
  • A Choice of Raking Wheels: All DuraVee™ rakes feature 55-inch raking wheels with 40 seven-millimeter tines per wheel. For additional overlap and increased raking ability in heavy crops, select the optional 60-inch rake wheels that are available on the DuraVee 1225, 1428, and 1631. These wheels have stiffer 7.5-millimeter tines that deliver better ground engagement for a more positive drive.
  • Optional Center Kicker Wheels: To ensure that you rake all of your hay, equip your DuraVee™ rake with optional center kicker wheels. These wheels turn the hay that’s often left untouched at the center of the swath to enhance drydown and baler pickup. When not required in the field, you can easily lock these wheels up. Hydraulic raising and lowering ability is standard on all models.
Simple Adjustments Features
  • Float Like A “Vee": Individual DuraVee rake wheels float across ground contours for cleaner raking compared to rake wheels mounted in tandem.
  • Individual Wheel Adjustment: Suspended by springs, each wheel individually adjusts for optimum ground contact pressure.
  • Single-Pin Height Adjustment Per Side: After individual wheels are adjusted, a single pin adjusts the working height of all of the raking wheels on that side of the rake.
  • Windrows From 3 To 6 Feet Wide: Every DuraVee model produces uniform windrows of hay ranging from three to six feet wide.
  • Easily Adjust Windrow Width: Adjusting the width of your windrows width is easy with a DuraVee rake. The standard ratchet-style adjustment lever is located at the back of the rear frame on all models. An optional hydraulic windrow width adjustment kit can be installed to provide you with easy windrow width control from the comfort of the seat of your tractor.
  • The Straight and Narrow Path To Roading: All DuraVee™ rakes have 15” tires and can fold down to 8’3” for easy road transportation. To enhance safety and eliminate shimmying, transport safety locks and adjustable friction disc brakes on the caster wheels are featured on all models.
  • Type: Deluxe
  • Number of rake wheels: 18
  • Rake wheel diameter in (m): 55 (1.4)
  • Number of tines per wheel: 40
  • Frame articulation: Standard
  • Transport height ft (m): 6' 3" (1.9)
  • Transport width ft (m): 8' 3" (2.5)
  • Maximum working width ft (m): 33' 5" (10.2)
  • Minimum windrow width ft (m): 3 (0.9)
  • Maximum windrow width ft (m): 6 (1.8)
  • Operating weight lbs. (kg): 5210 (2363)
  • Tires: 205/75-15"
  • Maximum operating speed mph (kph): 14 (22.5)
  • Tractor power requirement hp: 55



Working Width
33 ft. 5 in. (10.2 m)
5210 lb. (2363 kg)
Recommended HP
55 hp

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