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New Holland Agriculture
H6730 Mounted




Designed to breeze through the toughest conditions — wet grasses or fire ant hills — New Holland disc mowers provide nonstop, trouble-free cutting. Choose from heavy-duty models, economy models and a pull-type version. Available in cutting widths from 5.5 to over 10 feet, you’ll find the machine to match any cutting job and fit any budget.

  • Heavy-Duty Mowers to Handle Hard Jobs: Tackle the heaviest mowing jobs without a hesitation using one of the H6700 Series heavy-duty disc mowers. With the proven MowMax™ cutterbar, they deliver fast, dependable cutting through your worst field conditions. Dense, crop or even gopher mounds won’t slow these mowers.
  • MowMax™ Cutterbar Uses True Modular Design: The latest advance in true modular cutterbar technology, the MowMax cutterbar comes standard on all four heavy-duty disc mower models. Each disc unit is an individually sealed gear case with dedicated oil reservoir so there is never an oil starvation issue, even on slopes.
  • ShockPRO™ Hubs Protect Against Damage: MowMax cutterbars are equipped with ShockPRO™ disc drive hubs, which absorb the impact of a foreign object before damage to the drive can occur. When necessary, ShockPRO hubs can easily be replaced in the field in under 10 minutes, at minimal cost.
  • A More Durable Design: Several key MowMax features have been beefed up to improve durability: Stronger top cap gear – it is no longer the sacrificial part for drive train protection. ShockPRO now does the protecting; Stepped spacers between modules improve cutterbar straightness, reduce wear and provide consistent cut height; Lower profile rock guards allow closer cutting with less cutterbar lean; Heavy grey iron is used for gearbox housings and nodular iron for module spacers and rock guards; Hardened alloy module drive shafts with dampeners eliminate vibration wear on shaft splines; ShockPRO cutterbar drive train protection eliminates shock load stresses for longer life
  • Fast Reaction to Foreign Objects: The cutterbar can move vertically over field obstructions thanks to a flotation spring on H6700 mounted mowers. In addition, a spring-loaded breakaway latch allows the cutterbar to swing back if it hits an immoveable object.
  • Easy Service and Adjustment: Checking tension or changing knives is easy on these mowers. An exclusive V-belt tension spring with an easy-to-see indicator lets you check belt tension at a glance. Adjusting tension is easy, with just the turn of a nut. Knives have two cutting edges, for twice the cutting life, and can be easily flipped or replaced from the front of the cutterbar by removing only one bolt.
  • Fast Change from Field to Road Ready: When you’re done for the day, use remote hydraulics to raise the H6700 mounted mowers to a locked vertical transport position. A removable parking jack stand and convenient onboard storage location are provided on both mounted and pull-type models.
Cutter Bar
  • Cutting width, ft. in. (mm): 6' 8" (2032)
  • Cutting height, in. (mm): .95-3.25 (24-82.5)
  • Cutter bar tilt angle, degrees: 0 to -10
  • Cutter bar operating range, degrees: +18 to -32
  • Breakaway angle, degrees: 19
  • Type cutterbar: MowMax™ cutterbar, modular, w/individual sealed reservoirs
  • Number of discs: 5
  • Knives per disc: 2
  • Disc cutting diameter, in. (mm): 19.7 (500)
  • Disc drive: Bevel gears in sealed modules
  • Disc speed, RPM: 3,000
  • Cutter bar gear protection: Std. ShockPRO: easy replace ShockPRO hub with a partial complement of sacrificial splines
  • Swath width, approx standard, in. (mm): 80" (2032)
  • Swath width with optional swathboards, in. (m): 48 (1219) includes LH&RH swathboards
Dimensions and Weight
  • Overall width, in. (mm): 138.75 (3524)
  • Overall length, in. (mm): 42.5 (1080)
  • Height - transport position, in. (mm): 98 (2489)
  • Weight, Shipping lb. (kg): 1,440 (653)
  • Weight, Operating lb. (kg): 1,300 (590)
  • Minimum PTO horsepower required, hp (kW): 45 (33.5)
  • Input speed, RPM: 540
  • PTO shaft spline/size required: 6-spline/ 1 3/8"
  • Driveline protection: Belt drive to cutter bar
  • Overrunning clutch: Standard
  • Belt tension: Spring-loaded tensioner with adjustment gauge
Hydraulics and Hitch
  • Hydraulic circuits required: One remote
  • Minimum relief pressure required, psi (bar): 1,500 (104)
  • Hitch: Category I or II



Working Width
6 ft. 8 in. (2032 mm)
138.75 in. (3524 mm)
42.5 in. (1080 mm)
Shipping: 1,440 lb. (653 kg); Operating: 1,300 lb. (590 kg)
Recommended HP
45 hp (33.5 kW)

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