2008 New Holland Agriculture T1520


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2008 New Holland T1520
FRONT 7X14 Turf Tires
REAR 11.2X24 Turf Tires
Shibaura 3-cyl diesel 35 HP
Live PTO
60 Inch Midmount Mower Deck
Front Blade
Enclosed Cab


More value... More choices New Holland economy compact tractors offer high performance at prices that fit your budget. The TC30 and the T1510 represent the broadest offering of value-priced, 30-horsepower tractors on the market, which means you can custom-build a tractor with the exact features you need. At 35 hp, the T1520 delivers reliable performance, rugged construction and easy operation. Three-cylinder diesel engine delivers excellent pulling power and durability for the long haul. A choice of transmissions is something you won't find on many competitive value-priced tractors. The 9 x 3 mechanical transmission provides more speed choices than competitive 8 x 2 transmissions, while the convenient hydrostatic transmission is a New Holland exclusive when compared to most competitive tractors of this class and price range. An impressive hydraulic system provides ample flow and a three-point hitch lift of 1,635 pounds—twice what's offered by some competitive tractors—so you can handle heavier, wider implements. On the TC30 and the T1510, choose a rugged two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive axle. On the T1520 a FWD axle is standard and provides added traction and better drawbar pull. Roomy operator station is designed to allow you to work more efficiently and productively. Convenient access to service points makes refueling and routine maintenance a snap. Add a hard-working 7308 (110TL) front end loader to perform a variety of tasks around your home, farm or workplace. Agricultural, turf or industrial tires are available to suit your work conditions and traction needs. The R1 "general farming" tires suit a wide variety of agricultural and utility applications. The R3 turf tires provide improved flotation to protect lawns and turf, and are great for mowing parks, golf courses and for some industrial work sites. The R4 "industrial" tires work well in light industrial applications and are the choice of many rental yards, contractors and municipalities. Industrial tires also give you the traction of ag tires and the flotation of turf tires with better wear characteristics than the ag tire on hard surfaces. Many New Holland implements are perfect work mates for these tractors. They include: 105A Rotary Tiller (40-, 52-, 60- and 72-inch) - 702C Front Blade (78-inch) - 706 Rear Scoop - 716B Front-mount Snow Blower (60-inch) - 756C and 757C Backhoes - 906 Posthole Digger - 914A Mid-mount Mower (60- and 72-inch side-discharge, 72-inch rear-discharge) - 918L Flail Mower (50- and 60-inch) - 930B Rear Finishing Mower (60- and 72-inch) - 7308 (110TL) Front Loader ENGINE Your TC30, T1510 or T1520 will give you years of dependable, trouble-free performance, thanks to the reliable power and rugged construction of its engine. Gutsy three-cylinder diesel engines produce reliable power and instant response during tough jobs like plowing, tilling or blowing snow. Displacement is 91.3 cu. in. on the TC30 and T1510 and 101.4 cu. in. on the T1520. Cast iron block and heavy-duty internal components reduce heat and wear during operation for extended engine life and improved fuel efficiency. A big-tractor backbone of heavy castings for the engine, transmission and rear axles provides exceptional durability. New Holland warrants that the TC30, T1510 and T1520 engines are designed, built and equipped to conform to applicable U.S. Environmental Agency regulations for a period of use of three years or 2,000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first. TRANSMISSION New Holland economy compact tractors offer you something that competitive value-priced tractors don't—a choice of transmissions. If your work tends to keep you in a single gear, choose the economical 9 x 3 mechanical transmission. It offers three ranges for more gear choices than you'll find on competitive 8 x 2 transmissions. Or, choose the convenient hydrostatic transmission—an option not available with many major competitors. 9 x 3 Mechanical Transmission - Three ranges—low, medium and high—give you nine forward speeds and three reverse—more speeds than the 8 x 2 transmissions found on competitive brand tractors, so you can find just the right speed to get your job done quickly and effectively. The main gear shift lever is conveniently mounted on the dash. This allows easy entry or exit from either side of the spacious operator platform—without crawling over a floor-mounted shift lever. It's also right next to the steering wheel—convenient when operating a loader. Gears are positioned in a simple "H" pattern with reverse in line with second gear, for convenient shuttling when loading, mowing or grading. For increased productivity, second and reverse gears are the same speed. Hydrostatic Transmission - Infinitely variable speed from 0 to 14.5 mph on the TC30 and T1510 and from 0 to 13.6 mph on the T1520 (with R4 tires) lets you choose the perfect speed for every job—and vary your speed on-the-go as needed. A range lever to the left of the seat provides three working ranges. A mid PTO is standard equipment on hydrostatic models (optional on 9 x 3 gear models)—a feature that's not even available on some competitive economy tractors, and it's conveniently controlled from the left-hand console. A simple heel-toe pedal allows you to control both speed and direction. No shifting or clutching required! It's ideal for mowing, loading or blowing snow. HYDRAULICS New Holland live hydraulics give you plenty of power and responsive control when using the three-point hitch and remote valves. Three-point lift capacity is 1,635 pounds—that's double what some competitive models offer, which means you can handle heavier, wider implements to make the very most of your working time. Two-position, extendable drawbar on the T1510 is standard and allows for more attachment options. Two-position, Extendable Drawbar A generous hydraulic flow provides fast cycle times and plenty of flow to operate a loader, blade or other hydraulically powered implement. A separate steering pump makes responsive steering a given no matter what other hydraulic demands are made. AXLES Whether you choose standard four-wheel drive or optional two-wheel drive (TC30 and T1510 only), these tractors are engineered to deliver maximum power to the drive wheels and put you in control. Induction-hardened rear axles are supported by strong cast housings for maximum dependability with heavy implements and under demanding torque loads. Sturdy, spur-gear double-reduction final drives minimize driveline loads for trouble-free operation and greater efficiency. Four-wheel drive boosts drawbar horsepower and reduces wheel slip to improve your productivity in wet, slippery and sandy conditions. And, it helps out with fuel economy, too. A mechanical differential lock provides you with extra traction when you need it. If your rear wheels begin to lose traction, simply push down on the heel pedal and both wheels lock together to pull through slippery conditions. A 540-rpm live PTO meets all your implement performance needs. (2WD models with 9 x 3 mechanical transmission are equipped with a transmission-type PTO system.) A 2000-rpm mid PTO is standard equipment on all TC30 and T1510 models with hydrostatic transmission and is also available on mechanical transmission models as a dealer installed attachment. (Note: 2000-rpm mid PTO is required for mid-mount mower and snow blower applications.) A 2000-rpm mid PTO is standard on all T1520 models. Smooth-applying wet disc brakes are sealed from dust, dirt and water for longer life. OPERATOR STATION Step onto the operator platform and you'll notice the lack of clutter—the openness of the deck. You'll never trip over shift levers again! So sit down and get comfortable—it's a great place to work. And, you'll enjoy the unobstructed view—the muffler is under the hood and not in your line of sight like on other tractors. A well-padded, contoured seat glides on an inclined track to place you at exactly the right spot to operate comfortably and maximize your visibility. Instrumentation is simple and straightforward for a quick read of your operational status. A fender-mounted cup holder is standard. A foldable ROPS is standard on the T1510. SERVICE Fueling up and performing routine maintenance is quick and easy, so you save time and hassle. The hood raises and pivots forward—even when a loader or front blade is attached—providing easy and complete access to the engine, radiator, air cleaner, power steering reservoir and battery. For further access, side shields can be removed— without tools. All routine service points are conveniently located on the right side of the tractor to simplify maintenance. A handy access door lets you fill the fuel tank without lifting the hood. The engine oil dipstick can be pulled without raising the hood or removing any shielding to save you time. 7308 (110TL) LOADER Equip your economy compact tractor with a 7308 (110TL) loader and you can move some not-so-compact loads. It handles a long list of chores around farm, home and landscape sites. Heavily reinforced frames and durable chromed hydraulic cylinder rods deliver excellent reliability and long life. The single, joy-stick control mounts on the loader tower and is positioned to the right of the steering wheel. Simple, Quick-Attach design allows the operator to easily mount or remove loader without tools. Construction-grade, heavy-duty, non-rotating pins are used throughout the loader for easy servicing, greater strength and durability. All pins are rifle drilled for lubrication. Rifle drilling protects the grease zerks from damage. Heavy-duty 60-inch and 68-inch buckets are available for tough working conditions. Both buckets are available with reversible bottom cutting edges for longer edge life.

    • Gross Engine, hp (kW): 35 (26.1)
    • Gear Transmission PTO, hp (kW): 29.5 (22.0)
    • Hydro. Transmission PTO, hp (kW): 28 (20.9)
    • Rated Speed: 2600 rpm
    • Cylinders: 3
    • Aspiration: Natural
    • Displacement, cu. in. (l): 91.3 (1.5)
    • Fuel Capacity, gal. (l): 7.1 (27)
    • Type: 9 x 3 Gear
    • Max Ground Speed, mph (kph): 12.1 (19.5)
    • Type: 3-Range Hydrostatic
    • Max Ground Speed, mph (kph): 13.6 (21.9)
    • Type: Wet Disc
    • Rear Gear Transmission, FWD: Live 540 rpm
    • Rear Hydrostatic Transmission, FWD: Live 540 rpm
    • FWD Gear And Hydrostatic Transmission: Live 2000 rpm
    • FWD: Standard
    • Pump Type: Gear
    • Pump Capacity, gpm (lpm): 6.2 (23.2)
    • Power Steering Pump, gpm (lpm): 3.8 (14.2)
    • 3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity, 24 in. Aft. Of Hitch, lbs. (kg): 1635 (743)
    • Overall Length, 3-Pt Raised, in. (mm): 111.4 (2830)
    • Overall Width With R4 Tires, in. (mm): 62 (1575)
    • Wheelbase, in. (mm): 63 (1600)
    • Height To Top Of ROPS, With R4 Tires, in. (mm): 82.3 (2090)
    • Shipping Weight, FWD With R4 Tires & 9x3 Transmission, lbs. (kg): 2400 (1089)
    • Ag R1 - Front: 7.4 x 14
    • Ag R1 - Rear: 11.2 x 24
    • Turf R3 - Front: 24 x 8.50 - 14
    • Turf R3 - Rear: 13.6 x 16
    • Industrial R4 - Front: 25 x 8.50 - 14
    • Industrial R4 - Rear: 15 x 19.5



    Engine Type
    91.3 cu. in. (1.5 l), 3 Cylinder, Natural Aspiration
    35 hp (26.1 kW)
    PTO HP
    Gear: 29.5 hp (22 kW), Hydro: 28 hp (20.9 kW)
    Rated RPM
    2600 rpm


    63 in. (1600 mm)
    82.3 in. (2090 mm)
    62 in. (1575 mm)
    2400 lbs. (1089 kg)


    Fuel Capacity
    7.1 gal. (27 l)
    9 x 3 Gear or 3 - Range Hydrostatic
    Wet Disc
    Gear Pump